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Section 1.  Fellowship and Mastership status in AES recognizes and awards members of the AES who have made the appropriate commitment to the field of dentistry through continuing education, particularly in the area of occlusion, TMD, and comprehensive care.

Section 2.  There will be 2 levels of recognition status, each of which will be determined by the level of accomplishment of the member at the time of application for recognition.

A.  Level One-Fellowship status (FAES):

1.   The AES member must be in good standing (as specified by the bylaws) and has attended five of the last seven annual Meetings;

2.   The AES member cannot have any lapse in membership. Failure to maintain active membership will result in the loss of fellowship status in the AES;

3.   A Minimum of 400 AES approved CE hours must be attained during the five years which includes ADA-CERP Providers, AGD-PACE Providers, AMA-PRA Category 1 credit courses, and courses provided by CODA accredited institutions;

a.   A list of AGD approved subject codes will be available from the AES Central Office and/or on the AES website;

b.   100 CE hours will be awarded for a GPR, AAGD, or any approved advanced postgrad program.

4.   A Minimum of 65 CE hours must be AES sponsored courses. (Annual Meetings, CE Workshops, Digital/Online Learning: Podcasts, Webinars etc.);

a.   Current members are allowed to utilize CE hours backdated up to ten years;

5.   Current members who meet the above qualifications who have earned the above CE qualifications within the last ten years qualify for AES Fellowship Status (FAES);

6.   A one-time $500 administration fee will be charged before Fellowship (FAES) status is awarded.

B.  Level Two-Mastership (MAES):

1.   Present at the AES annual meeting (Poster, presentation) or published in a peer reviewed journal;

2.   A letter of recommendation from a current Fellow, Master, Director or Officer of the AES;

3.   A one-time $300 administration fee will be charged before Level Two Mastership status is awarded;

4.  Attainment of Level One-Fellowship Recognition status is necessary prior to application for Level Two – Mastership.

Section 3.  Failure to maintain AES active status will result in a loss of Fellowship/Mastership status of the AES.