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Member Benefits

Annual Meeting

AES Members receive complimentary registration/attendance to the annual scientific meeting.

AES Virtual Online Learning

AES members receive an annual subscription to the online learning presentations including the current year's annual meeting, an archive of the past 5 years meetings, podcasts and additional presentations throughout the year.


The AES Contact is published at least 3 times a year and will be sent to you as a benefit of membership.  You may also view past newsletters online.

AES Web Site

AES Members are provided an opportunity to place a searchable profile online.  Members also receive access to the Members' Only Section of the Web site.


As a member of AES you will access to many of the leaders in the fields of occlusion and TMD. Our annual meeting is replete with opportunities to meet, socialize and exchange ideas with your fellow members.  Our member directory, public & private Facebook page and online forum provide an opportunity for you to maintain communication throughout the year.